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Attention to every aspect of quality makes Solufeed products stand out from the crowd. We serve the UK with our top quality specialty fertilizers.

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Products you spray or water onto the leaves of plants.
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Dry, solid products that you apply as they are, or dilute in water before application.
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Concentrated suspensions or solutions that are easy to use. Dilute with water before application.
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Products that are made completely or partly with natural raw materials. Some of these products are Soil Association Approved.
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A selection of fertilizers suitable for use in hydroponic, NFT, rockwool and many other types of inert growing media.
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Trace Elements
The 6 essential trace elements alone or in combination as liquids, soluble powders, chelates, salts and suspensions.
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About Solufeed
First registered in 1946, Solufeed was the brand name of a single ICI fertilizer for the then infant hydroponics industry. The Solufeed brand now embraces hundreds of products sold throughout the world. Products with a reputation for quality, reliability and value and the choice for today's discerning Grower. Today the company is in independent ownership, focusing on specialty fertilizers for the agriculture, horticulture and amenity sectors. The product range has expanded still further and the company exports to more than 40 countries across the world.
Bespoke Fertilizer Service
Can't see what you need? We Offer A Bespoke Service Many fertilizer companies invite you to choose the closest product in their limited range of stock products. This often means that growers must compromise on their needs or add additional nutrients into the stock products to make the stock product fit their particular requirements.
Bespoke Fertilizer Service

Our products

Specifically formulated Blueberry feed for hard, alkaline water.

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1:1:1 Balanced 20 kg

Reliable general purpose feed.

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1:5:1 High P 20 kg

Encourages good root growth and establishment.

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2:1:4 High K 20 kg

Encourages bountiful flower and fruit production.

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4:1:2 High N 20 kg

High nitrogen for good leafy growth.

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Citric Acid

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Fulvic Bio Granular

Granular slow release form of fulvic acid

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