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About Us

First registered in 1946, Solufeed was the brand name of a single ICI fertilizer for the then infant hydroponics industry. The Solufeed brand now embraces hundreds of products sold throughout the world. Products with a reputation for quality, reliability and value and the choice for today's discerning Grower.

Today the company is in independent ownership, focusing on specialty fertilizers for the agriculture, horticulture and amenity sectors. The product range has expanded still further and the company exports to more than 40 countries across the world.

In recent years Solufeed has also become engaged in more innovative methods of improving crop production.  Garlic-based products to promote pest and disease resistance and microbial soil amendments to increase root zone health, for example.  With some UK Soil Association approved, they are of special interest to the organic grower.

As well as only the very highest quality raw materials used in their production, Solufeed products are supported by stringent quality control systems and enviable technical and customer services.

Via the Solufeed horticulture shop, this experience and expertise is now available directly to smaller professional horticulturists and the enthusiast hobby gardener.

The Solufeed Horticulture Shop provides a carefully selected range of good value, no nonsense, professional grade products tailored to meet the needs of the smaller-scale user.  Products include water soluble ferilizers, chelated micronutrients, and organics together with the innovative plant care products.