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A specialised feed designed for foliar application to a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops to improve yields and promote quality.


  • Directly boosts the levels of essential; potassium (K) to provide firm, sweet fruit.
  • Chelated trace elements and magnesium help maintain plant health to maximise yield and quality.
  • Provides sulphur (S) an essential secondary nutrient.
  • pH controlled formulation for rapid uptake by the leaf.
  • Concentrated powder which is formulated for very rapid dissolution in the sprayer.

Plants are designed to take up nutrients through their roots of course but most nutrients can be absorbed through the leaves.  This provides another opportunity for the management of plant nutrition.  Foliar feeding can give crops a valuable boost, particularly if the root system is not functioning well due to drought, disease/pest attack or other stress factor.

Kalium 50 can be applied to plant foliage via a hand or knapsack sprayer or similar equipment.

More information: Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


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Kalium 50 1 kg

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Potassium plus sulphur, magnesium and trace elements for top quality fruit and vegetables.

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