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An organic based fertilizer containing beneficial microorganisms.  Can be added to sterilised soils and other growing media to prevent soil-borne diseases such as pythiumfusarium and phytophthora (the damping off disease 'trio').

Particularly useful where sterilised soils need rejuvenating.  Microlife contains spores of Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma hazianum which will regenerate soil health and help prevent soil-borne diseases.

Also contains useful levels NPK to improve fertility.

Microlife is recommended by expert gardener Ivor Mace in his book "Chrysanthemums:the ultimate ebook" available from www.ivormace.com.

Microlife 3:2:3 was formally marketed under the Antagon brand.

Supplied in 1 kg individual packs and 10 kg bags.

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Microlife 3:2:3 1 KG

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Organic fertilizer with microorganisms. Added to soils and other growing media to prevent soil-borne diseases.

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