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For the speedy, 'emergency' correction of iron deficiency when symptoms appear in a growing crop.

As an efficient iron source in hydroponics and fertigation systems particularly where low pH stock tanks are employed.

A high performance iron chelate to prevent and correct iron deficiency in most, horticultural and ornamental crops growing in high pH conditions. 

Especially recommended where the correction of iron deficiency is agronomically critical to achieve crop quality and profitability.


  • Contains 2.0 % water soluble iron chelated by EDDHSA,95% of which is chelated by the ortho-ortho isomer.  This is most biologically effective so correction of iron deficiency is quick and reliable.
  • Remains physically in solution at very low pH levels so ideal for adding to acidified "A" stock tanks.
  • High chemical stability therefore suitable for use in calcareous, high pH (up to 9.0 and above) soils.
  • Compatible with soluble phosphates thereby remaining effective in hydroponics and liquid feed systems.
  • Supplied as an easy to use liquid formulation. Can be measured volumetrically and disperses instantly.

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Technical Data Sheet (PDF)
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Technical Essentials (PDF) background information about FeEDDHSA


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Solufeed Rapid, iron EDDHSA chelate.

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Ultra-high performance liquid iron chelate.

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